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At I take my client’s digital images and I print them to a device called a film recorder. It has a built-in 35mm film camera and it uses a small TV screen as the light source. Your image is printed with 4 thousand lines of resolution on that small piece of 35mm film, which results in very sharp slides. I created a new shopping cart at:

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Our 35mm color slides from your digital images can also be used in retro keychain viewers. Just imagine your image inside! We take your image and print it to 35mm color slide film. Then your film is cut to fit inside the viewer. I created another website to make it easier to order at:

I can also scan your existing prints, 35mm slides and negatives into beautiful digital images that you can share online and on your phone. Order at:

Scan your prints, slides and negatives.

I’ve added services over the years, and the shopping cart was confusing. I split it into 3 dedicated websites in 2022.